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Ananda Holloway

Microblade Artist

Ananda Holloway, Microblade Artist Ananda Holloway, Microblade Artist

Are you tired of drawing on your brows every day? Tired of taking all the time and effort, and never getting them to match? If so, then Microblading may be the solution for you! Microblading looks like real eyebrows, blends with the eyebrows you already have, and is permanent. It can be done in any shade to match your eyebrow color. It gives you a clean, bright look that lasts. Microblading makes you look younger, and it accentuates your eyes. You'll never have to draw them on again!

Ananda Holloway, Microblade Artist Ananda Holloway, Microblade Artist

How do I know? I had it done myself, and I was so pleased with the result that I decided to take the course to become a Microblade artist! Microblading costs $250, which includes the six-week touch-up. Here's how it goes ...

First, I use a numbing cream to make you comfortable during the process. While the cream is taking effect, we talk about the color, shape, and size of the brows you want.

Next, with a special oil pencil I start drawing, measuring, and shaping your brows. Once I get them to the shape that you desire and approve of, I start the Microblade process. With the Microblading tool, I start puttting pigment into your brows, one line at a time, making them look like real hairs. The whole process takes about two hours.

When we are done and you're happy with them, you will have full, beautiful, permanent eyebrows! After they have healed in six to eight weeks, you will return for a free touch-up to replace any pigment that may have come out during the healing process.

Call me, Ananda Holloway, at (805) 835-8810 for an appointment — or just to ask me questions! Consultation is free.